Wake Up!

Be the best version of yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally.
Be your best in Life and Business.

Hi, I’m Sean, I’m a serial entrepreneur, wellness and leadership advocate. If asked to describe myself or what I do, I’ll  mostly describe myself as an unemployable wonderer, eternal wanderer, malcontent entrepreneur, yogi, boxer, aspiring gymnast, married father of five, and creator.

Since retiring from my first business at 34, some 20 years ago, I’ve been searching for better ways to do business and better ways to live. Have a look around my site at the culmination of those enquiries.

This site will help you if:

– You want to optimise your health and wellbeing.

– You want to find meaning and purpose in your life.

– You want to make the world a better place, through your work or business.


Back, in my late forties I was deeply unhappy. I was a fat, immobile, thoroughly unfit, professional Finance Director that drank too much and was thoroughly dissatisfied with life.

How come – I had a loving family, a comfortable lifestyle and good social network? The problem was that more than anything, I was dissatisfied with me. I was unfulfilled. Mid-life crisis? I guess so.

Over the following  five years, having taken stock, I did some work on myself. As part of my inner work, to become more self-aware, I trained in Performance Psychology (NLP) and Personal Performance Coaching. As part of my outer, physical work, I trained in yoga and gymnastics and combined with my explorations in nutrition, as a result, I became lean, strong and flexible.

I still have work to do, it never ends and yet I am happy that I have discovered that to be truly satisfied with life, we simply have to live purposefully.  We need to make a contribution in some way, towards a goal that is bigger than us, and to be effective in pursuit of our purpose, we must be physically, mentally and emotionally fit.

Now, I live more purposefully, aware of my inner values. I want to make the world a better place.  I’m sorry if that sounds a little pompous, but I do. I want to change the way we do business, I want to challenge much of the orthodoxy around health, fitness and well-being.  The current project that help me achieve this the most is Fit to Lead, which I founded with Josh O’Leary and Daryl Woodhouse. It’s a piece of work that makes a difference and I’m proud of it, check it out.

I continue to wonder a lot, how can we do business better, how can we make society fairer, how can we improve our health, our fitness, our mobility, what new ways, what methods are out there to be discovered, what paradigms do we need to challenge.

My one to one work is less and less, as I protect my time as my most valuable resource.  If you are looking to make the world better with your business and think a malcontent wonderer can help you, get in touch. I work with a maximum of five clients at any time.

For standard credentials and CV stuff you can check out my LinkedIn profile here.