Be One of Only Five 

I work one to one with a maximum of five clients at any one time. My clients are business founders, owners or very occasionally, senior corporate executives. The commonality is that they are all involved in businesses where they seek to make the world a better place through the work they do. I guide my clients to being the highest version of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally, so they can Be Their Best in Life and Business.

Most clients are introduced to me by recommendation from existing or previous clients. If you would like to discuss the possibility of us working together, click to  contact me.

Life Strategies – an Overview

I believe that we can be, do or have whatever we we want in life. It’s simply a matter of strategy and process.  Often our greatest difficulty is in identifying who or what it is is we want to be, what it is we want to do or what it is we want to have. The thing is, our initial answers to these questions are mostly conditioned responses and not truly our responses.

Great, so how do you truly find out what you want? You learn to pay attention and notice.  Most of us operate on auto-pilot, however varied our days appear on the surface, we play out the same patterns, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I work with you to peel back the layers of conditioning so that you can rediscover and connect with your true physical, mental and emotional self.  Which means? You get fit! You get fit physically, mentally fit and emotionally fit.  As you achieve this, you increase your self-awareness and understanding of what it is you want from life.  Once you understand what you want it then becomes about the steps you take to achieve your objectives.

Sound simple? It is simple, but it is not easy, because it requires consistent and persistent action. Don’t forget, we are all a work in progress, our physical, mental and emotional fitness are life long pursuits.  Maximise your physical, mental and emotional fitness and you have achieved true well-being, you can thrive.

Business Strategies – a Philosophy

Why do you run your business? To make a profit?  Well that’s just an outcome, a consequence.  Of course, it’s a very important outcome, but it is just that, a measure, one of the ways of keeping score.

So I ask again, why do you run your business? What’s it’s purpose.  Who does your business serve, what value does it offer and has this changed, since you founded the business?  If you are clear about the purpose of your business, does it align with your own purpose?  If not you may well be sabotaging yourself and your business.

Having a clear purpose is the foundation of a successful long-term business. As economic cycles become shorter, technology becomes more disruptive and the expectations of purchasers of our goods or services become more demanding, the only guarantee of longer term success is to be purpose driven.

50% of start-ups fail within a few years, the average life-span of quoted companies has plummeted, companies that were giants  of their industry are regularly usurped and consumers and employees trust in organisations is at incredibly low levels. Yet, there are companies that have existed for hundreds of years. How come? Start with purpose.

So, what are you going to do?  Ensure you know your company’s purpose, that it is aligned with yours and you have a great starting position.  It is just that though, a starting position.

Have a look at the graphic below, it hints at the route. If you would to discuss the power of a purpose driven approach and what that might mean for you and your business get in touch here.


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